towards the free society

There are four methods in the aim to achieve anything:

  1. Self-education. You have to study and educate yourself, you have to know what has been tried in the past, the successes and failures. You have to let yourself free to reconsider things, reform ideas, nothing has to stay still and steady.
  2. Information. You have to inform and educate the others, to make them see the world from your eyes. Be brave and sincere. Providing false information will do no good. The goal is to show people why you believe in what you believe. It is up to the individual to decide if you are right or insane.
  3. Armed action. Things have to be destroyed, in order for a new world to come out. Destruction is a means of propaganda against private property. Violence makes history proceed, every big change during the history of civilization occurred after big riots and violent actions.

Education and violence are the methods that any authority uses in order to gain and maintain its power. These have to be also the methods that insurgency has to use in order to achieve any objective (Alfredo Bonanno, History and Practice of Rebellion, Catania, 1991). Of course the means used in practice by a governing authority and any opposing group differ.

  1. An authoritarian institution will give well-filtered information, in order that it gains more power (it will not but little refer to hunger strikes and riots opposing to authoritarian ruling; the TV's heading news almost always are about the economy of the capitalistic system). A rebellious gang will use information to open the eyes of people (through leaflets, documentaries free to public etc.).
  2. A boss will educate his slaves so that they produce more and the value of their work will largely go to the boss' pockets (see specialized education in universities, segmentation of knowledge). The rebels would attempt to undo the damage done to the people from brainwashing about the need of hierarchy and the meritocracy as being a nice term excusing private property (through talks, conversations, reasoning).
  3. A governing state will use violence to maintain its dominance and to suppress any emerging power (see wars by USA and NATO, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq...). The proletariat will act violently to show its opposition to the regime (armed actions; destruction of any derivative of capitalism i.e. everything, but mainly banks, police cars, McDonald's...; murders of corrupted representatives of the system).

With these it becomes obvious that we all use the same methods, perhaps in different fractions of the total action taken up. In order to change the world we are to use the available means, which depend on the level of technology and our tendencies/abilities. But we have to be sincere and let ourselves see behind the screen with which they cover the truth. There are plenty of things to say with respect to the above matters, but my main point in this post is to state that under certain circumstances, all means are needed to taken up so that the goal of a free society is achieved.

Maybe sometimes one action can be seen as an exaggeration, but we will never know if we don't try. Acts of rebellion in our depressive society will make us shine as a star in the dark sky, from the inside and at the outside. We have to let such feelings diffuse in all fields of our lives, and the methods to achieve a better world cannot be limited in the talks with our companions, but also at work, in the relations with the boss, with the parents, the friends.

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