agreement of the greek state with m$

The greek government is about to make an agreement with Microsoft, in favor of "strategic cooperation". The appendices of the agreement were not given to the public. Today there would be an event in honour of Bill Gates at Athens Concert Hall, during his visit to Athens in order to sign the treaty. The linux users in Greece organize a counter-event on the pavement opposite Athens Concert Hall. Everybody is welcome to the counter-event!

The following contributions come from the open-source mailing list.

"People aren't as dumb as Microsoft needs them to be."

PJ, Groklaw

Q: You say that "you can bet your business on Free Software"; how do you back up that statement?

A: How can you bet your business on proprietary software? If a company is bought, goes bankrupt or merges or decides to delete a product line you have no choice but to go with whatever product or path they desire. How can you plan when the company keeps changing its licensing terms, and you have no real alternatives? What do you do when the company that makes your software puts its own profits and its values ahead of yours, the customer? When the software company holds back on releasing the latest bug fix so it fits its "release schedule?" When you can't get that one little feature added that would allow you to streamline your business, save a lot of money and beat your competition to market? What happens if that company (no matter where it is) is embargoed?

Jon "Maddog" Hall, President, Linux International, ComputerWorld interview

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