The agreement of the greek government with m$

Bill Gates visited Athens yesterday and gave a speech. The representatives of the government were congratulating one another for the strategical movement and choice of the greek government to buy software from m$ in order to equip the governmental services. At the same time, out of Athens concert hall, a group of activists were informing the people passing by about the colonialist agreement of their rulers, as well as about the pros of open software. Leaflets were distributed, together with installation CDs. The CDs were given free of charge in a short period of time, in contrast to the CDs of Windows, which will cost a lot of money to the greek state. The official treaty does not mention absolute quantities of money, but leaves them free to be set in inexact conventions.

"Food, education and linux at schools", a rephrasement of "Food, education, freedom" from the time of the dictatorship in Greece. The following figure is an older one of Bill Gates.

I am afraid I'm being a little too pessimistic about these matters. But on the other hand, there are countries which decided to use exclusively open software in the governmental services, such as Norway and FYROM.

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carla hat gesagt…

Well my dear... you know that windows is supposed to be used for people that don't want/need to think too much... that might explain why our governments prefer us not use linux!!