Let's ban flags and passports

Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron was invited in the Thessaloniki Cinema Festival. Amongst other things, he said also that he is not interested in the nationality of a movie, but its creators, "the cinema makers with strong roots and culture. In times that the illness of nationalism becomes widespread, we have to find common rules that unite us, with the final aim to ban flags and passports." (source).

So, I want to generalize this. Let's ban flags and passports and visas and borders. I read lately a very clarifying book, "On the flag and the nation" (in greek: Σώτη Τριανταφύλλου & Ηλίας Ιωακείμογλου, "Για τη σημαία και το έθνος", Εκδόσεις Μελάνι, 2007, you can find it in this tracker). I characterize it clarifying, because that's what it was for me. A lot of things that I thought from before, but had not really formed them in a reasoning frame.

The flag is an invention, and it is no less invented than nations. Invented in order to be used as additional means to manipulate the masses. In reality, there are no such borders; we are the countries and the profiles of our bodies are our borders (also here).

Como la Columbia grande do começo do seculo, que includiu a Venezuela, o Equador... La Yugoslavia grande até 15 anos atrás, la USSR... I wonder how people can change nationality during their lifetime (usually because of wars invoked by nationalistic hatreds), and still have nationalistic ideas. I don't know... This only makes me think that people are being manipulated... but I don't want to start an anti-capitalistic propaganda now, I kind of made my point, haven't I?

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