Multi-national meetings

Yesterday I was in a dinner with some people from my portuguese class. Uma grega, um iraniano, um alemão. Perfect. With the german guy we usually speak in english, the iranian man has lived in Germany for a lot of years, my iranian kenntnis is not very good, and of course none of them spoke greek! Finally we had a conversation in a mixture of portuguese and german. Especially for me, who has not been using german for years, it was very difficult but I found it extremely fascinating.

What I mean, is that, in the same way that I believe people from different countries, cultures and ideas have to mix their lives, in exactly the same way I find the mixture of languages very interesting. And that is one of those things that I am trying to do in this blog. (Actually, a friend told me a few days ago that he finds it - a multi-lingual blog - very sexy! I still have to figure out exactly what he meant by this...)

I remember this myth about the babel tower, this legend. I don't believe the language is a barrier for the people to communicate with each other (of course, there is always the body language!), instead I find it a temptation, to make the person who is next to you understand what you are trying to express out of your innerside. Anyway there are a lot of people speaking my mother language, with whom I find it impossible to talk, whereas a lot of times, by chance, I meet people coming from completely different cultures who are able to understand a lot more than what I actually say to them with words.

After all, the spoken language is not the only way to express yourself and communicate with other people. There is always the art, being a part of our lives, all forms of art, and people from all over the world and of all existing mother languages - together with their varieties - create things, which one can adore, hate, use with no limit in his/her culture or language or religion or color of the skin.

Até já!

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