Israeli attack on Gaza

Last Saturday Israel started attacking fragmented Palestina. Since then and until yesterday night, 400 Palestinians are dead and 2,000 Palestinians have been injured by the Israeli war machine. The reason is the same as always: the Palestinian resistance towards the oppression and the tearing into pieces of their land by Israel.

The western politicians announce that the responsibility for the gradation of violence in Gaza lies on Hamas alone (Angela Merkell, Ναυτεμπορική). At the same time the media only show the fireworks for the new year's eve. They will not bother the average citizen by references to the 450 cars that were burnt yesterday night in the suburbs of french cities (from the Independent). Neither will there be any mention to the manifestations that took place in greek cities in solidarity to Palestine, prisoners, and against the state violence, nor to the fires set to cars and banks (from IMC Athens).

Hence the average citizen will be left to happily pass to the new year, with no worries, since he/she owns a credit card which will help him/her disown his/her existence. Whoever still belongs to him/her own self can see what the massacre of the palestinians looks like at IMC UK.

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