uprisings in other places?

I read the article from the Collective Reinventions very thoroughly, and I was enthusiastic to acknowledge that it was one of the more to-the-point reviews and reasoning about the greek uprisings. I want to focus on the two facts they mention:

  1. The greek rebellion of the past few days of course has local characteristics, but in the end one thing is achieved: to make visible the connection between the bad social conditions, the economic situation, and the police arrogance (the least hideus way to call their behavior). This connection is one of the most profound and valuable things achieved during these events.
  2. If the greek movement is to be spread around (as already has, not only in France as the Collective Reinventions mention - solidarity movements have occurred in a big list of countries and cities in all continents), then a blind imitation will not produce any result. For example, it is probably true, even though i have no personal experience, that to such riots and to throwing of e.g. Molotov cocktails, US policemen would react by shooting much more easily than in Greece. Second, in the U.S. and many other countries, there is no such thing as city areas where police is not allowed to enter (and thus people-protesters are sheltered from police inside those areas), while in Greece the university asylum makes greek universities police-no-go areas (although they have attempted to ban the asylum, see here).

Nevertheless, a non-blind imitation does not necessarily proclaim that the greek events cannot be repeated in other countries. For instance, there was a nice text written in solidarity to the greek movement in Dublin (see e.g. here). Ireland might not have the low social standards of Greece, but they can connect to the current incidents through the countless deaths in police departments. On the other hand, I am sure that spontaneous thinking and imagination could come up with some other kind of convenience to take the place of the absence of police-no-go areas. After all, the greek uprising was ignited completely spontaneously right after the murder of Alexis. This could be a matter of very fruitful debate.

This struggle does not belong to Greece alone. The problems of Greece are problems of a deeply repressive capitalist world order. What is happening on the Greek barricades is happening elsewhere and everywhere. We hope that the fruits of our struggles and uprisings will yield a better and more just world for all. The time has come and the people will not back down.

from a text published here
and signed by David Hoff and others

At the time being, there not so many people in the occupied buildings any more in Greece, but the riots go on, in the sense that at least in Athens there are still calls to take part in various demonstrations every day. Let's hope that this is just a break from more hard core situations, and that the movement will recover soon, demanding everything we are not given.

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