for the accidental assassinations...

On Saturday 6th, a 16-year-old boy killed by a policeman. Athens, Greece. From that moment on, riots occur all over Greece, attacks to banks, cars are burnt, the people revolt... The only thing the prime minister says is, "The guilty ones will be punished". Of course he's not talking about the murderer, but about the people expressing their rage. How can the destruction of some ATMs, cars and shops veil the murder of a teenage boy?

The little man sits on his big couch in front of his TV, he swallows everything the journalists will show him, he will not hold on for a minute to think for himself, what happened, if there is any reasoning for rage - whether it can stand up to the reasoning of the assassination of a teenager, who could be his son! (...if his son was not a sheep following the trends and going to the big night clubs every Saturday night, and asking for Armani jeans and Timberland shoes to be bought from the tiny salaries of the tiny parents...)

Χαμένη... χαμένοι... μακριά... Κι εγώ εδώ, μην μπορώντας να συμμετέχω... Με το που το μαθαίνω, αμέσως στο indymedia, κι αυτό δε λειτουργούσε. (Γιατί άραγε? Άκουσα πως παρακολουθείται.. Ούτε τον 1431 μέσω internet μπορούσα να πιάσω, μόνο αμυδρά τον 98fm.)

Today, two days after the assassination, the connections have recovered, but, fortunately, the riots do not seem to stop. The majority of the greek universities are under the occupation of students, manifestations, riots in every little city. Yesterday night there were manifestations organized at 3 a.m. For me, this is all fully understood and justified. We have to destroy the state, in order to construct utopia. Since the state is still on her feet, supported by all the small merchandisers, it is all of them who put the gun in the hand of the policeman. And the gun was armed by the law, who keep punishing with nothing more than minimal charges the accidental assassinations by the police forces, the policeman is no more than a sheep exploiting its privileges.

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