the apology of the murderer

Here is the apology of the murderer of Alexis. The pages from the original document in greek can be found here and a translation in english can be found here.

Some remarks on the apology:

  1. Quiz: How many times is each sentence repeated?
  2. How many iron ashtrays were the crowd carrying with them?
  3. Does the fact that the defendants went away without informing the brigade for the injury of a person, proves that they did not know about it?
  4. Who would expect that the testimonies of the other policemen would not verify the testimony of the murderer?
  5. What is the use of providing the cops with guns whose slugs can pass through 8 bodies?
  6. Is it really true that EVERY Ssaturday anarchists attach the PASOK headquarters?
  7. What does it mean "normal behavior and personality" of a 15-year-old boy? Should the personality be homogeneous in all people?
  8. The boy HAD NOT been expelled from any of the schools that he attended, according to the representatives of the schools.
  9. The testimony was changed after a new lawyer, well-known from lifestyle TV shows and his defending drug dealers and mafiosos, was hired by the defendant.

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