Everything flows?

In spite of the theory of evolution, in spite of the widely known "everything flows" or "everything changes" ή "τα πάντα ρει" by Heracleitos. I know all these things. I have no doubt of their validity, I even don't have or cannot find a word against them. There are some things that last. Things that seem unchanged through time and space. I know they do change and evolve. But I'm happy to find them back, whenever I do, I'm happy to see that I feel the same innocence and serenity and felicity when I am back. In any way.

Despite the troubles, every night seems an adventure. Every night actually lasts long but every night leaves you with a sense of nostalgia that it's already over. This is what happens when the nights are sunny like summer days. Not in terms of light, but in terms of brightness of mind and body.

Κι εδώ έρχεται ένα όμορφο ελληνικό τραγούδι, "Όλα τριγύρω αλλάζουνε κι όλα τα ίδια μένουν". Αφιερωμένο στους παλιούς καλούς μου φίλους, που no matter how much time has passed from the last time we saw each other, we still fit each other like a cretan knife in its leather seath.

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