To do research is a strange thing. It is often possible to do nothing for long, and catch up in a very short period of time. But sometimes it is hard, it makes you anxious, terrified and even depressed. For example when you realise that after some changes in the code it is impossible to obtain your previous results, and the backup files are hard to reach. And after two days of despare, you realise that the code works alright, and the only reason why it didn't work is that you had changed one single variable in an input file.

In times of desperation, you suddenly happen to listen to some magic music, like my last big love, "Gypsy Passion" by Ottmar Liebert, and everything, every tiny worry goes away, as if you were in the desert dancing under the rhythm of flamenco... I guess that love is when you cannot find a away out, when there is no doubt, when there is not a single thing that doesn't rise you up to the beautiful sunny sky.

Back to the research, I guess that I am lucky. All of us doing this kind of things. No more than a small piece of earth's population have jobs that allow them such freedom. Sometimes I feel guilty. But then... it is not me who has to change my working conditions into worse ones, but the others who have to change their working conditions into better ones. Isn't it?

I still have to do something about my enormous absent-mindedness...

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carla hat gesagt…

No my dear, you are totally right....we should not change, the others are the ones that should get jobs like ours :)
I also feel very lucky to be one your kind. Sometimes it can be very stressful and depressing like you said, but most times is really wonderful...and just imagine the amount of different things we can do when we are not working!!! ;)

Mil beijos de alguem apaixonado no deserto,