I guess there is no person that has been in Porto, who does not know what a francesinha is. Well, I don't know, maybe because of the fact that I have not been properly trained, as not being a portuense, this dish has made me feel terribly, every time I tasted it. All the three previous times that I have tried it, I couldn't sleep at night. Moreover, my roommate and friend Linda once also had a high temperature after eating a francesinha.

So there was this guy, who said that we only happened to have tried a francesinha in the wrong places. "You cannot expect to taste a real francesinha in a restaurant of a shopping mall!" (Yes, this is another of the problems of Porto - the shopping centers have invaded the people's lives, and the people simply accepted that!) Well, this guy, whatever his name is, well, he was right. Thought we had agreed with Linda that if we had to eat another francesinha again, we would share one - and so we did!

Even so, the insomnia kept on...

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